Building tools are always important because you can use them now and then. They are not disposable items because they can serve a construction purpose in a different site. You should take good care of them if you need long-term service and fewer repairs from them. The drill is one essential tool that should be maintained and handled with care. Drills are of two different types which include the hand drill and power drills. The hand drill requires the use of one’s hands to turn the handle which helps drive the bit on a specific surface. There are two types of power drills which include the electric and cordless drills. The electric drill is connected to a power source using a cable which powers it to drill on a surface.


The cordless drills use cells with brushless electric motors which adjust according to the surface they are drilling. The002 motors can sense and generate more power if this type of borer encounters a hard surface. Power drills are known to be effective and are widely used. They can do the job for you in a matter of seconds compared to the hand drill. They are also simple to use and require less energy.  One can use them on a different hard surface like concrete which you cant bore using a hand drill. Maintaining this tool is vital for more extended service. The following are some maintenance practices you can apply on your power drills.


Proper storage

You should store your tools properly to prevent them from getting damaged. Power tools contain wires which may get damaged if exposed. Home accidents like water spillage may occur, and this can be dangerous to your devices. They may cease to function if they get exposed to water. Build a proper storage area for your tools. The power drills should be placed on a raised point to prevent them from getting spilled on by water.


Regular cleaning

These types of tools need routine cleaning and maintenance. They contain mechanical and electric parts which may cease to function because of dust accumulation on them. You should dust them off and remove any debris in them. You can use a moist cloth or air compressor to blow off the dust through the vents. This will ensure your tool is clean and not prone to damage.


Battery care

003Cordless drills work by the use of batteries which should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they last longer. You should charge them for the required time and ensure they are fully charged before plugging them out. Make sure they are not dormant for an extended period by using them once in a while. Remember to clean the terminals and store the batteries you don’t use in a cool area free from excess heat.