A tattoo is another way to express yourself besides fashion and hairstyle, but a new-born tattoo on your skin can be easily infected if you don’t take care of it properly. If you’re not an expert at tattoos do not worry, here we have listed several ways on how to take care of your first tattoo properly.

tattoo processConsult with your tattoo artist

There is no way a tattoo artist doesn’t have a tattoo on their body. Surely they already have their first tattoo, and it would be a great idea to ask them on how to take care of your tattoo, and they would be willing to provide you instructions and tips, as they wanted to keep their reputation as a good artist as well.

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Give your tattoo enough time

After getting your tattoo make sure you leave it for around 3 to 7 hours. Try to resist the temptation of removing the bandages as bacteria can get in quickly and causing infection to your skin, so do yourself a favor and keep your hands away from lifting the bandages from your body.

Wash it carefully

After waiting for some hours, you need to wash your skin where your tattoo is, wash it with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Do not use a facial scrub, washcloth, loofah or even a sponge as they can harbor bacteria to your skin while also scrubbing your tattoo away.

Tip: instead of directly getting water to your skin, try to get the water streaming down from your body, as a direct contact with the water can be too harsh for your tattoo. And never soak your skin with the tattoo on to the water.

creamApply ointments to your skin

After washing your tattoo, it also needs some treatment which is ointments. Although it might be a bit expensive, try to get all-natural vegan ingredients for the creams that you’re going to use for your skin. Apply regularly, twice a day until your tattoo starts to peel.

Tip: if you have the cash to spare, try to find a specific ointment that is made to treat tattoos, they come in different sizes and shape and usually they’re more expensive compared to regular creams.

Do not scratch your tattooitching tattoo

As your tattoo starts to heal and adjust to your skin, it’s going to itch a lot, but don’t ever scratch or pick your tattoo. You can relieve the itching by slapping your body gently or giving it an ointment or lotion to calm down the itch.