Bouncing Castle Themes

In this modern era, renting bouncing castles at Marquee Hire company Perthhas become a popular trend. Many individuals rent bouncing castles during events that kids are likely to attend. What has enhanced this trend is the fact that renting the bouncy castles is relatively affordable to many individuals. In addition to this, bouncing castles keep the children active and entertained during events. They, however, come in different styles and designs and themes that are suitable for both boys and girls. Having an understanding of the various themes will help you to make a better choice in your selection. Below are some of the themes.

Princess Castle

This is a favorite theme among girls, and it attracts little children who regard themselves as princesses. They also attract visitors because they are magnificent to look at. It is designed to create a magical place to play in while having a good time. If you have an outdoor activity, this is an ideal theme.

Birthday Cake Moonwalk

Several companies provide bouncing castles that come in different sizes and shapes. One of the designs includes an inflatable birthday cake. This is one of the most fun themes designed because children enjoy such a sight. This theme comes with a slide that adds fun to the bouncing. When you go with this theme, you are assured that the children will have unlimited fun and that will make a memorable event.

Hamburger Bouncer

This is another exciting theme that most children tend to enjoy. The rental is shaped like a gigantic burger, and due to its size, it can accommodate a large number of children. It is mostly fun when the children are bouncy castle are many because they get to interact with each other over jumping and that is what makes it more fun. Furthermore, because it is large, all children have enough space to move around freely without squeezing each other.

Big Inflatable Combo

This is another fascinating theme that provides unlimited fun to the children. The kids will have fun jumping in an inflatable combo that also comes with a slide. Children enjoy slides, and a bouncy castle that has a slide is a win for them. This theme will most certainly make the party a success.

Party House Bouncer

This theme mostly fascinates girls. The interior of the castle has a party theme, and this makes the children feel like they are in a party mode.

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